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June 11, 2011
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The Sun Is by Lilithnanhart The Sun Is by Lilithnanhart


Full Title: The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas
“The winners are the ones who get to write the history books....”

Dear Princess Celestia,
I hate drawing/colouring your hair. SO MUCH.
Your (somewhat) faithful fan, Me.

Because I have the hardest time trying to foal myself into believing a moon can withstand the sun, let alone magical pony interpretations of it. That, and I love the theories of Princess Celestia being a tyrant and unable to understand friendship given her position as a literal god for hundreds of years (not that I don't enjoy the calm/giving leader side as well, episode 26 ftw).

I don't think of her as evil. In my personal head canon I like the idea that she just lost her ability to emphasize with mortals. The sun is large and very powerful, best to only have dealings from afar. The moon weaker, closer to our planet and protects us from meteors and other harm from space.

EDIT HOLY CRAP SO MANY FAVES+COMMENTS :faint: Since I drew/wrote this with vague in mind, it's not my place to tell you what to think, but I will tell you what I was aiming for, which is:

:iconalfalfamonster2plz:1) Celestia is not evil (for this comic's propose anyways XD). Her powers have become what we are to ants. Huge, powerful, unrelatable from either side. So no, she's not a 'demon' (in western or eastern sense) nor is she a dragon (too weak to match to her strength). While those who are not used to dealing with fangs and claws can make for a frightening appearance, this shouldn't be what makes 'evil'.

:iconlunamadplz: 2)She is still transforming. Her pony body cannot handle her powers and is transforming to a more stable state where she can handle it. Think Otomo's Akira.

:iconsishoof: 3)Celestia is holding/carrying Twilight, not crushing her. It wasn't my intention, but since somepony brought it up, I realize it could look very much like that as well. Twilight's face was suppose to be of one shocked/terrified from the events of before and what is unfolding in front of her.

:iconcelestiaorlyplz:4)If Celestia wanted Twilight dead this comic would be a whole lot shorter. Because even if I was going to play the "evil" card, I think Celestia's too genre savvy to dare risk a chance with a pony that clearly has amazing powers herself.

FOR THOSE WHO NEED BACKSTORY, Here is a taste of my WIP story idea (please keep in mind a lot of this is probably going to change in the official comic):

Celestia is a pony with god powers, originally being represented by the fact she had the qualities of all pony-kind. However, in also taking the role of her sister when she was banished to the moon, she had to use her powers 24-7. Probably unbeknownst to her, her powers grew.

Going with the theory that she wanted her sister back, but cannot use the Elements of Harmony to save her due to her increasingly being able to connect with her subjects on a more personal level (this blame goes to both sides, they worship her and her old memories of being a normal pony fading) she stages her disappearance (for all we know she is the one who wrote those legends [link] ).

Nightmare Moon is released, assuming the spell that locked her their only lasted as long as Celestia had power (As if she was constantly using her energy, as suppose to have formed a timed spell instead). So at that moment she thought Celestia was powerless.

Then using another favorite theory of mine, Twi and the others managed to destroy the dark mass (of what, Aku?) that was possessing Luna (the reason Celestia couldn't use the Elements of Harmony to get rid of it before was because one of the elements was Luna herself).

When her sister returned and her powers no longer constantly used, all of this unused energy started building up. Her original form can't handle it, so it tries to transform into something that can.

In trying to balance this, she tries to use her powers against herself to try to keep her 'original' form. Using yet another favorite theory of mine, She has Twilight (and perhaps other lesser students) write her reports on friendship, to help her relate and remember what it was like before she was a god.

But in the end, it doesn't work. Close subjects and others start seeing sides of her they cannot understand. Like how quite a few of you guys said how 'evil' she looks (fangs are cute guys, really), the same holds for the ponies who start thinking she is either possessed by evil or is evil.

Playing with the idea that many ponies are racist (not intentionally so) they would not accept her as ruler if they did not think she was a pony (which is on it's basics was already hypocritical, but work with me here). A rebellion of sorts starts. A very chaotic one at that as many ponies cannot decide where they stand (Celestia is evil, Celestia is not evil but possessed, She is good, She is a monster, etc).

Celestia cannot process nor handle it. Ordering others who are not faithful like Twilight now gives the impression of a threat and worse. Ponies attack her, her powers grandeur than what she herself realizes, easily overwhelms them. It only gets messier from there.

Twilight, as faithful as always, keeps to her mentors side while trying to keep the peace. Luna, as sister to Celestia must hide and behind the scenes because those against Celestia think of her as a 'monster' like Celestia (that, and all of the paranoia fuel from the legends as well). However, unbeknownst to her there is another group who is planning to have Luna take the 'crown' as a true queen...

:icondiscordumadplz: EDIT EDIT:
Concept cover: [link] The comic will be called Vast.

While the story is still very WIP, I know I will need a lot of OCs to represent the reaction of Equestria and the separate adventures of the girls. So if you would like your OC to have a crazy adventure and perhaps die horribly, please share here: [link] !! :eager:

Also ~clu2415 would like to remind that pouring damages books. Sorry for the error! XP

:iconreallylikehermaneplz: MORE EDITS: :excited:
~DotRook drew their take of my Celestia god (and her take on Luna)! [link]
~Fangirl-45 Has a mini fanfiction version of this comic! [link]
*Luigi-Mario Wrote their take on the aftermath: [link]
Can somepony tell me who drew this? [link]
~BrutalityInc [link] Please tell me you write for a living.

Characters © HasBRO + Lauren Faust
Comic © Lilithnanhart
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Houston12 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
I DO understand what you're trying to do here. The ruler removed from empathy and such. While I do not personally enjoy this headcanon, your depiction is rather interesting. On another note, while do understand what you're trying to get across, its really hard to see, in this image at least, anything but a monstrous or at least threatening being. The visuals, rather sudden transformations, the wording, and Twilight's expression all contribute quite a bit to it. The explanation you gave helped sort out quite a few things though. I'll keep an eye on this, its peeked my interest.
...yesCoffee Break.
VirTaAshi Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Since Twilight is now an Alicorn, Imagine the possibilities.
bruiser128 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
Well from what I can tell I can say this with certainty. To even THINK about taking on this Uber powered Celestia
you need to be wield the power of something like this…
weeya1 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
I love your art design!!!!!

(And it is very scary)

And cool!
Wolfboy183 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Kureiogen Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy ponytail! o.o
That`s intense.
Dragonsrose19 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
We all knew she was secretly evil
Lordoffantasy Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
only problem with this idea is that............ well, the sun is NOT like our sun in mlp. it is clearly something far smaller and around the same size as the moon.
not to metnion her power does not have to be equivalent to the sun, for she is NOT the sun, only it regent. the sun does not need celestia and celestia, likely, does not need to sun to be powerful.
HatiChantheWolfHog Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
By that logic Luna would be more powerful because she raises the stars as well as the moon.
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