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April 6, 2013
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Eye of the Beholder by Lilithnanhart Eye of the Beholder by Lilithnanhart
WHAT THE CHRIST. THIS IS THE LEAST WORKED ON PONY COMIC I HAVE. IT'S IN SCRAPS FOR A REASON. IT IS NOT WORTHY OF EQD... (omg something of mine made it to EQD...... I... I can't think.... QAQ )
*BRB FREAKING OUUUUUUT* :iconflailplz:

*Original text is below, excuse my screaming of confusion.*
I am so sorry about how sloppy this looks. While I had initially sketched this out after the episode originally aired, I didn't get to really mess with it (and thus mess it up) until a certain stupid tooth surgery. Numb, tired and angry (and freaking hungry), I started forgetting which layer I was working on (amongst other things).

I am not going to fix it because what free time I have is going to other things (like VAST). All I hope for is at least the idea is presented well enough to be thought worthy to think about.

Back to your regularly scheduled program, I will show myself the exit.

*Original Idea*
I think what the episode was trying to portray everyone feeling compelled to do the other's work in a messed up mental history of whom was whom blended with fate. They feel like they should be doing something else but can't help but do this other thing anyway. The song however, gave me a different idea. How do you know what the cutie mark is telling you?

Cutie Marks have always baffled me. I'm not the only brony who is confused about it's powers, nor the only one who has jested at how it works. So here are my unwanted opinions:

Cutie Marks are suppose to show up when you discover what you are good at in life, but how it decides to represent that is vague at best. You do the right thing and then an image appears on your behind. (If you don't catch that image fast enough however, could you mistaken what that thing is?)

The episode didn't quite explain how they think their lives where warped. Only in the end it felt like a dream, quite like Discord's spell.

So going off just on what the cutie mark symbols look like and how others may interpret that. With RD's attitude, if she were to think she became an animal trainer/keeper, I would think the cutie mark would look something like your cliché animal 'tamer' with circus stage and lion whip. Why would she think butterflies = animal care?

Rarity's gems... it could just as easily translate into dragon chef into this world. How can you tell it's for fashion design? Especially of the cloth sort, could just as easily be a jeweler. And since Pinkie Pie works at a bakery, I don't see how the apple cutie mark means she has to leave the shop. If anything, it just means her pastries are more specific (where the hell was AJ's family?).

But then my idea would take longer to adapt into an episode and plays more into character psychology and what is destiny anyways how can we assume that is what is meant to be, trying to be happy even if we never get to do our dream job (<which, by the way would be a very important lesson to teach kids), etc, etc.

So that's my interpretation. In the end it doesn't matter, especially since we have yet to see parts 2 and 3 yet and thus it's unfair to truly judge this episode until then.

Further Notes:
:bulletred: ~mirtar34 makes note that tecnology has an H. I'm sorry! If only GIMP had spell check. ^^;
:bulletpurple: If you don't find this funny that's quite fine. The purpose of this was only to start ideas and conversation, nothing more.
:bulletblue: If you did laugh, I am thankful I could brighten your day. ^^
:bulletgreen: ~Twylite-Sparkle Brought up the cool idea that this helps explain how many ponies can have the same cutie mark but have different jobs. All in interpretation!

:bulletyellow:I would super appreciate if your comment didn't consist of complaining about the original episode. I KNOW, I'M NOT HAPPY WITH IT EITHER. Please however, share your ideas and "What ifs" of how it would have been better done.

Huzzah for constructive criticism.

Characters © Hasbro, but extra love to the MLP:FiM staff
Ugly ass comic omg how did I confuse those layers © Lilithnanhart
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psychopathneb Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Student Artist
rip applebloome
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And Twilight makes sparkles with her horn.
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The princess of sparkles!!
Wilhel7 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AprilSilverWolf Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Love how you took the concept and turned it on its head.  The ponies were still able to find their gifts even among different roles.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014
Destiny is what you make it. And Twilight's friends here have made much of their new destiny's by making it their own. 
Minecraftbronie Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
I like the way you made spike spike's 
Eevee-Adopt-Mart Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

IS FRIGGIN HILARIOUS! its a wonderful and hilarious comic! : ) MAKE MOAR
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wow, this is a disgrace
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